Working Principle of Bottle Blow Molding Machine

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PET is a material that is usually molded into plastic containers. It is an excellent packaging material. It is light in weight, although it is strong and durable. With time, this material has turned out to be the best production material as it does not react with the drinks and foods. The companies are making use of blow molding machines to deal with this material. This machine molds this material into the desired product quite efficiently.

PET is a germ-free material due to which the companies are turning to use it. For that reason, the demand for the PET bottle blowing machine is on the rise. This machine turns the simple PET material into the bottle. 

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Working Principle of Bottle Blow molding machine

Blow molding machine is divided into diverse types, which include injection, extrusion, and special structure molding. This machine is based on advanced technology. You can adjust the settings of this equipment according to your needs. It can produce PET and simple bottles. Right now, we are going to explain the working principle of the bottle blowing molding machine. It finishes the work in six steps. These steps are mentioned below:

1. Firstly, the machine heats the plastic material into the mold.

2. It makes use of the clamping cylinder to tight the mold in a proper manner.

3. It applies high pressure on the mold to lock the material in it.

4. The machine applies high-pressure gas onto the mold while it stretches the cylinder. In this way, the mold starts swelling.

5. It performs extreme pressure blowing to mold the stereotypes. It applies pressure on the mold for a specific period.

6. The machine releases high pressure due to which the bottle comes out from the mold.

Factors To Consider Before Purchasing Bottle Blowing Molding Machine

Before purchasing the bottle blow molding machine, it is imperative for you to consider some factors. These factors are mentioned below:


Productivity is the first and foremost factor to consider. Whether you want to create bottles on a small or large scale, the machine should be capable of meeting your demands. There are some characteristics of the equipment that affects its efficiency and productivity. If a machine has maximum productivity, then it will be able to create bottles on small and large scales.


The other factor to consider before buying the molding equipment is versatility. The standard machines are planned to produce heat-resistant and normal containers. They are not able to produce bottles of diverse sizes. However, automatic machines can produce bottles in diverse designs and sizes. The latest bottle blowing machines can save time. They can produce diverse types of bottles in an efficient way.


Before purchasing, you have to consider the blow molding machine price. You should set a budget to buy this equipment. There is no need to exceed this budget to purchase this equipment.

Popular Manufacturers

Every blow molding machine manufacturer adds unique features and devices to the machine. Nevertheless, only popular manufacturers provide the best quality machines. Thus, you should buy it from famous manufacturers.


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