What Are the Characteristics of 3-in-1 Water Filling Machine?

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3-in-1 water filling machine integrates washing, filling and sealing. It is suitable for hot filling production of various juices and tea beverages. At the same time, it can be used for the filling of pure water and mineral water by replacing a small number of parts. The output is 5000-24000 bottles/hour, which is available for users to choose from. Adopting advanced micro-negative pressure gravity filling principle, the filling is fast, stable and accurate. It has a complete material returning system. It can also achieve independent return air during reflow, no contact with materials, and reduce secondary pollution and oxidation of materials.

3-in-1 samll bottle water filling machine

3-in-1 water filling machine can meet the requirements of hot filling technology below 95 degrees Celsius. The filling valve and the material inlet and outlet pipelines have no sanitary corners. At the same time, they are equipped with CIP self-cleaning interface. The caps are flushed before the capping to ensure that the caps are not filled during filling. Stained residual stains. The magnetic torque type capping head is used, and the capping head made of copper material can realize the function of grasping and screwing the cap quickly and accurately. The capping torque is sleeplessly adjustable and has a constant torque screw capping function. The whole filling machine adopts advanced technologies such as human-machine interface touch screen control, PLC computer program control, and inverter control. The water filling machine has automatic control of the cover system, automatic detection of filling temperature, high-temperature alarm of material, low-temperature shutdown and automatic reflow, no bottle without a cap, bottle waiting, lack of cover and other functions.


The characteristics of 3-in-1 water filling machine:

1. The whole water filling machine adopts the card bottleneck suspension operation mode design so that the bottle is stable and reliable under the high-speed running state and the number of changed parts is greatly reduced, which makes the replacement of the bottle type more convenient and quicker.

2. Using a new generation of stainless-steel flip bottle holder, so that the clamp and the mouth of the bottle mouth are not in contact with the above, and a nozzle, so that the inner wall of the bottle is fully flushed, no dead angle.

3. Using advanced gravity filling principle, filling fast, stable and accurate.

4. The magnetic torque type capping head is used to realize the capping and screwing. The capping torque is sleeplessly adjustable, the sealing is tight and reliable, and the cover is not damaged.

5. The whole machine adopts a human-machine interface touch screen button, PLC computer control, and has a cover and overload protection alarm device, which can detect and eliminate faults in time, and has high production automation.

6. Parts in contact with water are made of stainless steel, and the main electrical components are made by internationally renowned water filling machine manufacturers.

7. The water filling machine can be used with single-stage pure water equipment, automatic plugging machines and other equipment.


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