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Get Installation, Spare Parts, Training Or Technical Support For Your FILLEX Filling Equipment.

Our Service

Customized Complete Line Service

Fully automatic beverage production line produced by Fillex includes water treatment, beverage pre-treatment, injection molding, blowing, filling, labeling, conveying, on-line inspection, packaging and etc. The production line can comprehensively control each product, adjust the dynamic balance of the system at any time, reduce container damage and improve the efficiency of the whole line.

Engineering Service

Fillex has a professional engineering design department. According to the characteristics of various liquid products, the user's different requirements for the overall layout planning and design, to meet customer requirements for high efficiency, low-cost operation of the production line.Fillex also has a professional service team to provide professional Suggestions for customers' production line operation, ensuring the effective combination of technology and business.

Upgrade Old Production Line

Fillex provides customers with old production line transformation plan. After the on-site inspection of the production line,propose optimization solutions for key and difficult problems in customer's production line practice, such as layout rectification and replacement of old equipment. Enhance the manufacturing competitiveness of customer factories, and ultimately maximize the value and profit of the production line.

Raw Materials & Spare Parts Support

Fillex supply various raw materials, such as bottle preform, bottle caps, labels, PE film, Aluminum can, can lid and etc. Provide convenience for customers,save time and cost. Spare parts are available for all types of machines to ensure the normal operation of customers' machines. Regularly diagnose equipment for customers and make maintenance plans. With the continuous development of equipment and the application of new technologies and functions, we will constantly provide customers with technical updates.

Installation Service

Factory experienced engineers can be dispatched from our several branches to support you in the field for installation, commissioning and service.

Training Service

Extensive training programs led by experienced Fillex technicians to improve technical level of operators as well as operative skills of the equipment.

Spare Parts

All needed wearing parts or maintenance spare parts after warranty time will only need our production cost and delivery to you in 7 days.

Secrecy Safeguard

Your business information will be confidential to any third party unless your permit.


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