10 Things to think about bottle blowing machine before purchasing

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Bottle blowing technology is used for glass bottles as well as plastic ones. The idea was initially developed for glass and later adapted to blow plastic bottles as well.

pet bottle blow molding machine

If you are planning to purchase a bottle blowing machine there are several things to keep in mind.

1. The machine should be simple in structure. A linear structure is more practical because it ensures ease of installation and maintenance.

2. The parts should be fully automatic and run smoothly. They should be environment-friendly causing no pollution.

3. It is more advantageous if there is a linker present to join the bottle blowing machine to the filling machine.

4. Check to see if the components and parts are from good, well-reputed companies. This will ensure continuous operations without the fear of breakdowns.

5. A good machine design will ensure operator safety.

6. The machine should be optimized to run on minimum power.

7. It should be cost-effective, environment-friendly and cut down on labor parts.

8. High-quality components will ensure a high standard of the product.

9. The machine should be equipped with an infrared oven heater that uses the quartz lamp to heat PET bottles.

10. If different capacities of PET bottles can be filled it is of great advantage to the buyer

PET Blow Molding Machine

PET or polyethylene terephthalate is a plastic resin and a form of polyester made by combining modified ethylene glycol and purified terephthalic acid.

bottle blowing machine for functional drink lines

There is a huge variety of PET Blow Molding Machines in the market selling their products at very competitive prices. With the saturation in the marketplace of Pet Blow Molding Machine Manufacturers, it is advisable to conduct a market survey and then decide upon the options that are best for you.

Most manufacturers are open to communication and ready to make custom made products that are most suited to your operational requirements.

Automatic pet bottle blowing machine price

The Automatic pet bottle blowing machine price varies widely from manufacturer to manufacturer, and buyers are advised to conduct a market survey before deciding on a particular brand.

There is immense variation in design and if you are looking to buy an automatic pet bottle blowing machine, you are advised to see the suitability of the machine model for your particular manufacturing plant. The immense variation in technology merits careful evaluation before making a major investment.

The different types of technology and the variations in prices requires an expert opinion before arriving on a decision. And with the constant innovations in the field of automatic pet bottle blowing, more and more countries are now adopting this technology and coming up with new more efficient designs.

Even a casual search on the internet will approximate a fairly good idea of Automatic PET bottle blowing machine prices.


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