FILLEX Christmas Party Ended in Happy Atmosphere

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It’s the end of 2019, we not only ushered in Christmas but also coincided with the New Year's Day and a new year is coming soon. Along with the joyous Christmas songs and bursts of hearty laughter, they were all recorded by the moment the camera shutter was pressed, leaving behind the eternal memories of the FILLEX Christmas party.

FILLEX provides the solutions for blow molding, water treatment, juice filling and packaging solutions. Among the juice filling system manufacturers in China, FILLEX is one of the most excellent company. The lights were shining in the night and the pace of Christmas in 2019 came quietly.

In order to enhance the cohesion of the company's employees and enrich the company's cultural life, FILLEX took the occasion of Christmas to launch the Christmas party. It provided employees with a platform for mutual communication and further promote the construction of the company's corporate culture. We were always trying our best to produce the best carbonated can filling machine in china.

Fillex merry christmas and happy new year greeting

In order to give everyone a different Christmas feeling, in addition to the preliminary preparations, the functional department has carefully arranged the scene, and the entire scene is full of a strong Christmas atmosphere and a warm feeling. We aimed to bring everyone a lot of Christmas love and sent holiday blessings. "Christmas fruits" and gifts were sent to everyone’s hand as well.


As a member of the excellent carbonated soft drink filling system manufacturer-FILLEX, we are aware of the hard work of each employee and will continue to improve the holiday care and welfare policy in the future. It will bring different warmth and care to every employee struggling to work.


We sent the well-dressed "Peace Fruit" to everyone's hands and gave blessings to every staff. Thanks for FILLEX staff’s hard work.


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