FILLEX Staff Went to Bali Island for A Gorgeous Trip

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Off-season island tours have always been the best choice for winter annual meeting travel. From November 25th to 28th, the FILLEX sales team and colleagues from the Indonesian branch traveled to Bali together and went for a winter trip. While enjoying life, the cohesion of the team and the cooperation sense between colleagues are also quietly rising.


The trip to Bali was wonderful. Everyone is more familiar with each other during the journey, they tried to help each other, understand each other and made everything more harmonious and beautiful.


Fillex Gorgeous Trip

Beautiful View

The beauty of Bali lies in its richness, its atmosphere and its magnificence. It has stretches of beaches and magnificent cliffs. Religious temples and rural villages with rice fields are also a feature. The unique humanistic style and diverse scenery are unique as well.


We took a cruise from Bali to Penida. It is adjacent to the Indian Ocean. The sea is clear and the coral reefs and marine life are colorful. In addition to watching the beautiful scenery on the boat, we can also carry out diving and water activities. We also went to many other famous sceneries: Dream Beach, Devil’s Tear, Uluwatu Temple, etc.

Dinner of Fillex Gorgeous Trip

Gourmet Feast

Returning from the sunset cruise, the chef has already prepared a set of seafood and fish for us. While enjoying the food and the beautiful scenery, the fire dance show combining traditional and modern on the beach makes the Bali time high now! The abundance of ingredients produced in the rich Bali makes amazing and delicious food!


Luxurious Hotel

Bali hotels are quite famous. When you come to Bali, it is an important thing to live comfortably in the hotel. Even staying at the hotel, the luxurious facilities made us feel great enjoyment!


FILLEX has rich experience in filling machine industry and cooperated with many domestic and foreign customers. This trip is based on the people-oriented spirit, which reflects the company's humane management and care for employees. In order to increase employees' sense of identity and belonging to the company, we arranged this Bali Island trip, which achieved a good working attitude for employees.


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