FILLEX Is Going to Marching into 2019 Jordan Trade Fair

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FILLEX is going to attend 2019 Jordan Trade Fair. The exhibition will start on 10-12 in December 2019. Its address is International Motor Show Center in Amman, Jordan. You can find FILLEX on booth 2A202. As 5-10L water filling machine manufacturers, Fillex is a great choice and it always insists on the best quality and technology innovation. We sincerely welcome your visit and inquiry.

 2019 Jodan Trade Fair

This time, we will assign our outstanding employee – John Chen to the exhibition. He is multilingual and professional in company business. Engaged in filling equipment sales team for many years, he will help you solve all your confusion. He will answer all your questions professionally with their knowledge of technology and products. At the same time, we will take our newest product to the exhibition to show it to our visitors and make all of you know more about our products and our company. As an excellent china water filling line manufacturer, Fillex always pursues the best product quality and customer service.


The China (Jordan) Trade Fair has been held in Amman since 2004 and has become an important platform for trade activities between China and Jordan and the Middle East.


The Jordan market is changing from a terminal consumer market to a regional distribution market. Jordan not only has a complete financial and foreign exchange system but also has many Iraqi and Lebanese businessmen living in the country for a long time. Nearly 10,000 companies have close trade relations with Iraq and Lebanon. The exhibition provides the opportunity for directly facing foreign buyers, we can establish cooperation opportunities with foreign buyers through the exhibition.


Fillex We provide solutions for blow molding, water treatment, juice processing systems, filling and packaging solutions. They are mainly for liquids such as pure water, fruit drinks, carbonated beverages, beer, condiments, cosmetics and so on. During China 5-10l water filling machines, Fillex is superior in quality and service. Please never hesitate to contact us! 


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