Why Choose Fillex High Speed Bottle Blowing Machine

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The water-filling production line is used to produce bottled water such as pure water, mineral water, mountain spring water, mineral water, etc., The fully automatic bottled water production line includes water treatment equipment, blow molding machine, bottle feeding air-rail, bottle unscrambler, bottled water filling machine, bottle cap disinfection equipment, finished product conveying track, lamp inspection equipment, coding equipment, label machine, Packaging machine, when the output is large, can be equipped with palletizing equipment to achieve full automation.

Fillex Packer VS Datong Machinery

Among these machines, the price of the blow molding machine is relatively expensive, accounting for a large proportion of the whole line. So how to choose the bottle blowing machine is very important. Fillex VS series high-speed machine is your good choice. Compare with other company, our bottle blowing machine has more performance and characteristics.

1. The high-speed servo motor is adopted to drive the movement of the 4-piece mold frame and the high-pressure supercharged air aided mold locking mechanism.

2. The servo motor is a driven stepping system and the stretching system improves the speed, flexibility and accuracy of blowing.

3. The high-pressure blowing system is also equipped with the gas recycling device (air recycling rate can be up to 20%-30%)which may reduce power consumption as much as 30kw per hour. That means you do not need the low-pressure air compressor any more, which will minimize your investment as well as space for placing the machine. In one word, it is energy-efficient and environmental safety.

4. The linear collocation of the preform heater and the circulating air cooling system and converter controlled air exhausting system equipped can keep the temperature constant inside the heater and preforms heated consistently, which makes high good part rate.

5. The circulating chilling water system can protect the bottleneck against deformation when the preform is being heated.

6. The positioned installation of molds makes it possible for the operators to change molds easily within 30 minutes.

7. All the critical parts we use for the machines, such as the electrical, pneumatic components, servo motor, etc, are famous branded parts imported from Japan, USA and Europe,which ensures the stability and long life of our equipment.

FILLEX’s bottle blowing machine has more excellent performance and characteristics. Trust FILLEX, trust profession.


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