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Fillex was founded in 2006 and has won the praise of customers all over the world with its high-quality product quality and service.

Fillex's rapid growth in recent years is closely related to its participation in exhibitions all over the world. Compared with other suppliers such as New Crown, Jinri, Relabel and other companies to communicate with customers online, Fillex Machinery adheres to the purpose of going global and communicates with customers. 

Fillex Packer VS Jinri Machinery

In 2018, the number of professional international packaging exhibitions participated by Fillex reached 8 in Shanghai CBB, Thailand Propak Asia, Indonesia PLASTICS AND RUBBER, Dubai GULFOOD MANUFACTURING, Russia AGROPRODMASH, Ethiopia Ago Food, Algeria International Food & Beverage, Egypt Trade Fair. 

In 2019, the number of beverage machinery industry exhibitions reached 11, and Uzbekistan, Jordan was added. , Colombia, covering Asia, Africa, South America, Western Europe, the Middle East and other regions. The exhibition is the simplest and most sincere way to communicate with customers. Each time, Fillex Machinery has technicians to participate in the exhibition, actively visit the customer's factory, and provide professional production line solutions according to the actual situation of customers. At the end of the exhibition, also visit the local old customers, train the operators, check the equipment replacement, continuously improve the service quality, upgrade the products through communication with customers, and constantly improve the quality of the machine.

Except for exhibition, Fillex also has a professional sales team with strong professionalism. Sincere, enthusiastic, professional and responsible are the qualities that every salesperson must-have. Unlike the newcrown, jinri, Reabel and other companies, Fillex Machinery has a number of minority language sales talents, Spanish, Russian, etc., so Fillex Machinery has a good reputation and popularity in South America and the Russian market. It also has a broader and diverse customer base. Because many customers in these small language countries do not speak English, Fillex's minority language sales can directly connect with customers, avoiding the problems of poor communication efficiency caused by the participation of third parties, and making customers feel more cordial.

Fillex Packer VS Jinri Machinery

Fillex Machinery adheres to the purpose of going global and communicates with customers face to face. We attend more exhibitions than other companies and we have a professional sales team to solve all your questions. FILLEX, your trust worthy partner to cooperate.


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