Profession Makes Your Project More Easier

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The core of the enterprise is research and development, professional technology to create professional equipment. Fillex machinery has a professional technical team since its establishment, and by 2019, the number of engineers has increased to 10, each of whom has a spirit of study and professional knowledge background, and provides the design of the whole line and the whole factory according to the requirements of customers.

Fillex Packer VS Jinrong Machinery

Fillex machinery manufacturing has its own processing equipment, CNC lathes, milling machines, wire cutting, CNC, large gantry boring machine and other equipment. The processing process is extremely strict. According to the engineer's drawings, quality control starts from the selection of raw materials, from the selection of stainless steel plates to the processing of parts. High precision processing, to ensure that every part of the engineers is satisfied, let every customer rest assured!

Fillex also has a professional after-sales team, they have a lot of actual combat experience, actively engaged in overseas customers on-site installation and training, familiar with the assembly and control of various parts of the machine, when the customer's machine encounter technical problems, can provide solutions at the first time.

Fillex Packer VS Jinrong Machinery

But beyond the machinery co., LTD., they do not have a full-time professional engineer, when the customer needs the whole line design, their disadvantages appear. Without a professionally designed production line, the production efficiency is seriously low, and even serious production line will not work, making customers suffer heavy losses.

Without the processing drawings provided by professional engineers, the precision of the parts processed has errors, resulting in the extremely unstable machines, large filling accuracy errors, affecting the production efficiency of the whole line, and short service life of the machine. When the machine arrives at the client and needs to be installed and debugged, engineers are often not sent to debug it, which will affect the production schedule. All these will bring huge losses to customers. For example, if the production line is 12000bph and the production takes 8 hours a day, a bottle of water will be sold for USD0.2, and the customer stop work one day, and the loss will be 12000*8*0.2=USD19200.


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