Maintenance Equipment Is Also A learning

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 We are a company engaged in the filling industry for more than ten years. The filling machine is not only our main product but also our pride. How can we increase the competitiveness of equipment under the trend of increasing competitiveness today? It is the constant development of science and technology. Thanks to science and technology, the filling equipment has also developed rapidly, and the performance and quality of our company's filling equipment have been greatly improved. 

Fillex Packer VS Sheenstar Machinery

Compared to other companies such as RADAR Machinery, the water filling machine model 18-18-6 production can only be satisfied with the 16-16-5 model. Of course, in addition to the high performance of the device itself, the maintenance of the device is also very important. Especially for food, sauce filling equipment. First of all, we must keep the working environment clean and avoid direct contamination of the product. Before starting the machine, CIP cleaning is required to clean and disinfect the inside and outside of the equipment.

 Secondly, when maintaining the equipment, the circuit breaker should be cut or the power plug should be unplugged to prevent electric shock, burns and injuries during the inspection. Check the filling equipment once a month for flexibility and wear, and repair the defects immediately. Of course, our company will also visit old customers regularly to discuss the operation of equipment and maintain equipment. Summarize the problem and improve it on future equipment.

FILLEX is professional in filling equipment maintenance and we have engaged in the filling industry for more than ten years. Many companies such as Zhangjiagang Sheenstar and Jiangsu Newamstar Packaging Machinery are not able to as professional in filling equipment maintenance as us. Choose FILLEX, choose reliability.


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