How To Choose Filling Machine

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FILLEX specializes in the production of filling lines for various products, such as water, juice, carbonated beverages, beer, edible oil, soy sauce, vinegar and other liquid bottling lines. The factory is located in Leyu Town, Zhangjiagang, and has an independent sales office area. It is located in the city center and is more convenient for customers.

Fillex Packer VS Beyond Machinery

The FILLEX filling machine is designed for different filling products, different bottle types such as PET and glass bottles, and the filling temperature is specific to the filling machine model. After research and development by engineers, FILLEX upgraded the structure and performance of the machine to make the machine more productive and stable. For example, the water filling machine, generally 8000bph output capacity, other companies need RFC18-18-6, but our company only needs RFC16-16-5; 12000bph output capacity, other factories need 32-32-8 models, Our company can meet customer capacity in RFC24-24-8. For high requirement customers, we can also provide customized services to meet customer needs, such as food-grade 316L liquid cylinders, safety doors and so on.

In terms of machine structure, the advantages of our machines are also obvious.

1. In the aspect of bottle feeding, the bottle chain adopts frequency converter speed regulation, which cooperates with the host frequency converter to make the bottle into stable and reliable operation. Photoelectric detection of the working state of each component, a high degree of automation, easy to operate.

2. The rinsing part: the rinsing bottle clamp adopts the equal-torque stainless steel rinsing clamp to ensure that it does not hit the bottle. The rushing bottle clamping sleeve adopts the German IGUS brand, which is super wear-resistant and has a long service life. 

3. Filling part: high-flow filling valve, filling speed is fast, no dripping after filling. 

4. Screwcap part: for magnetic screw cap, with overload protection function, and the capping torque is stable and reliable. The cover has no cover, high cover, cover, and curling. It adopts copper gears and copper bushings for stable operation and wears resistance. 

Moreover, FILLEX's newly developed constant torque capping head, the capping speed is faster and more stable, and the sealing pass rate can reach 99.9%.

Secondly, compared with other materials for sheet metal, our company adopts 2-2.5mm stainless steel 304, which is more important than other equipment. It is more stable. The thickness of other manufacturers' plates is 1.2-1.5mm, the equipment is very light when the machine speed is faster, the machine is unstable. The fuselage is made of high-quality stainless steel, and other components are non-toxic and durable materials. The electrical system and pneumatic system use imported components, so the equipment has a low failure rate and high reliability.

At first, FILLEX's main product was filling equipment. Since more customers favored the need of filling lines, since 2010, FILLEX Machinery was committed to the development of complete line equipment, from blowing to filling to packaging service. We have professional engineers responsible for the corresponding equipment research improvement and commissioning, to achieve full automation of the entire production line. Whether it is small production or large output, we will treat it with the most serious attitude, serve customers, provide complete production drawings for customers, and fully realize the operation of equipment production.

In the increasingly competitive situation, we can maintain stable growth, not only relying on high-quality equipment, FILLEX insists on technological innovation and development, and impress customers with first-class quality, service and integrity. Of course, we have a complete after-sales system is also a must, keep close contact with the customers who have worked together, pay attention to customer needs, and handle customer feedback in the shortest time. Regularly give the salesman a certain knowledge reserve to expand and better serve the customer. Step by step, I believe that FILLEX will not live up to your choice!

Advanced technological innovation and development, first-class quality, service and integrity, complete after-sales system, fast and stale machines. That's why choose FILLEX will be right.


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