Fillex Machine Becomes The Mainstream Trend

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Can the beverage industry have become the favorite of the majority of consumers, different cans, different design patterns? Aluminum cans are more environmentally friendly than other packaging containers. As for their containers, repeated recycling reduces environmental pollution. As for the materials used, repeated use of aluminum can effectively save resources and maintain the earth's environment. Our company also keeps up with the pace of The Times and adds another type of filling equipment -- all-in-one can filling machine, which is mainly used for gas-containing drinks, beer, juice and other drinks. Compared with king machine company, sunswell and other manufacturers, we are the first Zhangjiagang launched the all-in-one can filling machine. Now let's learn about our company's all-in-one can filling machine.

Fillex Packer VS Reliable Machinery

Can filler and seamer sealing are designed as a whole, and the power of filling system is provided by the seamer system to ensure the absolute synchronization and coordination of the two. Adopt imported frequency converter to adjust the production speed, use pneumatic valve and screw to control the automatic lower cover, and can be equipped with the remote computer control system, to ensure the comprehensive technical support to customers. In order to improve the vacuum degree in the tank, a steam injection device can be equipped according to customer requirements. If the liquid level in the cylinder is not stable, the filling will produce insufficient filling or foaming phenomenon, so it is very important to control the liquid level in the cylinder stably for normal filling. The whole liquid level control device consists of dry reed tube float liquid level sensor, digital regulator, eccentric rotary valve (including valve positioner) and so on. The liquid level in the cylinder is measured by the dry reed tube float liquid level sensor 1, which is converted into a current signal of 4 ~ 20mA, and then passed through the mercury rotary joint 2. After PID adjustment, the output signal is sent to the electrical valve positioner of the main inlet valve 4 to control the opening of the main inlet valve and achieve the purpose of controlling the filling cylinder liquid level.

The machine has the characteristics of fast speed, stable operation, good sealing quality, beautiful appearance and convenient maintenance. The entire production speed can be set on the touch screen as needed. All common faults are automatically alarmed and the corresponding fault location is given. According to the severity of the fault, the PLC automatically determines whether the host can continue to run or stop.

 Compared with many other filling machine suppliers, there is currently no one can provide a can filling machine, and there is one less choice in the filling field. That’s why FILLEX is a better choice than other companies such as Zhangjiagang Reliable Machinery Co., Ltd,  Zhangjiagang New Crown Machinery Co., Ltd, etc. Aluminum cans are more environmentally friendly and recyclable than PET. It is an industry that buyers are worth considering. FILLEX, your best choice!


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