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FILLEX not only provides customers with quality equipment but also provides quality after-sales service. Adhere to the spirit of the customer first. Provide customers with timely and thoughtful after-sales service. After the customer has checked the machine, we provide 24 months of quality assurance, and we implement a timely and effective problem-solving mechanism. During the warranty period, the consumables are provided free of charge and other spare parts are provided at the lowest price. The buyer shall operate and maintain the equipment at the request of the seller. If there is any problem that cannot be solved, we will support telephone communication guidance, such as the phone still cannot be solved. The problem, we will arrange technicians to solve problems on the spot.

Fillex Packer VS King Machine

Regarding the whole line project, we have professional engineers to serve our customers, from injection molding to conveyor systems, from factory layout, quick installation of equipment, bottles, label design, operating instructions, to program settings, to make the most reasonable arrangements. At the same time, the device arrives at the customer's factory to put the device in the root layout of the layout we provide. We will arrange for experienced technicians to install, commission and test the equipment while at the same time achieving the rated capacity of the equipment.

 FILLEX provides better after-sale service than any other company such as Zhangjiagang King Machine Co., Ltd,  Zhangjiagang Wanjin Machinery Co., Ltd, etc. We are the best in service and will provide you different purchasing experiences. Choose FILLEX, Choose the right one.


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