Fillex Machinery In Latin America Market

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Fillex is one of the first beverage machinery companies to open up the Latin American beverage filling equipment market. It has several professional Spanish sales talents and a comprehensive after-sales service system. Compared with other companies of the same type, Fillex has obvious resource advantages when it comes to receiving Latin American customers, without the need for customers to carry translations. The installation and commissioning of subsequent equipment can also be directly communicated through professional Spanish sales, which greatly saves the human and material resources of the customers.

Fillex in Latin America: Argentina, Uruguay, Colombia, Chile, Mexico, Brazil etc, has many beverage production lines, including water treatment, pre-beverage preparation, beverage filling, PET bottle blowing and post-packaging. Fillex provides customers with high-quality beverage machinery-related auxiliary equipment and is committed to creating stable, efficient and energy-saving production status for customers.

Fillex Packer VS Sunswell Machinery

With the cooperation of many famous beverage companies in Latin America, Fillex has established a good cooperative relationship and won the trust of customers. In 2016, a customer from Argentina consulted the 5L large bottle water production line. After 4 months of communication, from the mechanical parameters to the layout of the production line, the customer selected Fillex Machinery from many beverage machinery factories. After the installation of the equipment, the customer is very satisfied. In recent years, the customer has continued to cooperate with Fillex Machinery and purchased some equipments to replace the old equipment on another production line.  It is worth mentioning that although customers have not got a chance to visit our factory, we have gained great trust from customers through videos, emails, WeChat and other online ways. This is the most basic quality of Fillex Machinery. It is the goal of Fillex Machinery to make every customer become our friend and partner.

Fillex actively participates in beverage machinery related exhibitions in Latin America, dispatches relevant personnel to visit customer factories, provides high quality and professional services, and provides engineers training services for customers. Regularly dispatch professional engineers to the customer's factory for machine maintenance and commissioning, and actively solve the technical problems related to beverage machinery that the customer's factory failed to overcome. In the future, we believe that Fillex will continue to serve the Latin American market and provide more production lines.


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