High-end And Ultra-high-end Bottled Water Are Growing Fast!

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In recent years, bottled water has been the most successful beverage category in the beverage industry. Since 2016, bottled water sales have ranked first among all beverages and have been performing steadily. However, the success of bottled water does not only come from the value-based part. The existence of high-end and ultra-high-end products has also expanded their market. China water filling plant manufacturers are various on the market, it’s vital to choose a reliable one to promote bottled water production.

bottled water filling plant

Neil Kimberly, chief strategy officer of the high-end water brand Essentia Water, said in an interview recently: "In the past five years, bottled water has been the biggest contributor to the growth of the beverage category as consumers are turning to healthier alternative beverages, away from traditional Sweetened drinks, especially carbonated drinks. In addition, the growth of high-end water is also accelerating. "


This increasement is due to consumers' pursuit of health. He explained: "It's all about consumers' pursuit of a healthy diet, because healthy diets bring functional benefits. People care more about the foods they consume every day, which leads to alkaline water and other added minerals Fortified water with ingredients like electrolytes, electrolytes or vitamins is becoming more and more popular. "


Essentia is a pioneer in high PH alkaline waters. Essentia's ionized alkaline water has a unique patented manufacturing process, which keeps the pH value at 9.5 or higher, and the taste is clean and smooth. When people try, they fall in love with our water.


The market has changed since 2012, with consumers not only aware of high-end bottled water, but opting to buy it over other types of beverages. This raises the market position of bottled water. In order to meet the growing popularity, we have seen increased competition in this field, especially in the high PH water field. The number of high-end bottled water brands has also increased from 70,000 stores in early 2019 to over 90,000 by the end of the year.


With the development of China's economy and the improvement of people's living standards, the demand for bottled water has grown rapidly. In the context of consumption upgrades, with the continuous improvement of residents' consumption capacity and the attraction of high profit margins for high-end water, many domestic high-end water companies have begun to take a leap, and the market competition for bottled water is focusing on the high-end water market. And product quality, brand culture, water source and even beauty value have become the key to determine the success of the brand. The consumer power of high-end products has been fully reflected. Driven by the upgrade of mass consumption, high-end bottled water has ushered in rapid growth, which leads to the great demand of water bottle filling machine for sale.


FILLEX can be customized according to customer requirements, helping customers to produce high-end bottled water that meets the requirements and market needs, and is efficient and energy-saving. FILLEX can provide customers with a complete solution. Fully automatic beverage production line produced by FILLEX includes water treatment, beverage pre-treatment, injection molding, blowing, filling, labeling, conveying, on-line inspection, packaging and etc. The production line can comprehensively control each product, adjust the dynamic balance of the system at any time, reduce container damage and improve the efficiency of the whole line.


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