Perrier Water Launches Limited Art Aluminum Can Packaging

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Nestle's natural mineral water brand, Perrier Water has collaborated again with Los Angeles visual artist husband and wife Dabs Myla to design a limited edition can for Perrier. In 2012, Perrier Water launched the famous 250ml slimming can, which combines fashion and lightweight packaging to quickly capture many consumers. Since then, it has successfully impressed young people and achieved great success.

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In addition to Perrier Water, canned products have also been launched by Nestlé's high-end brands San Pellegrino, Pepsi Pure Water and Dasani by Coca-Cola. Aluminum beverage cans bring great convenience to consumers because of their lightness, ease of transportation and fast cooling speeds. At the same time, they have become sustainable beverage giants such as Coca-Cola, Pepsi and Nestle due to their high recovery rates. Canning machine for sale is getting more and more popular with the increasing demand for can packaging.


In today's era, consumers have a wealth of shopping choices, and brand owners need to invest enough time and energy in packaging design to make their products stand out from the assortment of shelves. For beverages, packaging is the entity that consumers first encounter, which is essential to show product identity and brand culture. The development of the packaging material industry especially China carbonated beverage can filling machine factory is very rapid, and many new environmentally friendly materials are emerging in large quantities, such as fully recyclable paper packaging materials. However, the mainstream packaging materials are still glass, aluminum and plastic, because they can provide reliable protection for beverages, and have good processing, storage and transportation properties.


Aluminum beverage cans are among the most recycled beverage containers in the world because they have many advantages over other packaging:

From a consumer's perspective, they are lightweight, crash-proof and cool faster.

For brands and retailers, cans are easy to stack and have high space efficiency. Fewer transport vehicles will be used, and supermarket shelves can be displayed more.

For waste recyclers and reprocesses, aluminum cans are easy to identify, simple to classify, and low cost.

For beverages in aluminum cans, this shell can effectively protect them from light and oxygen; prevent these harmful elements from entering, and lock the flavor of the product in the package.


In addition, aluminum cans can also stimulate people's various senses. Visually, they can cover 360 ° advertisements of the cans. On the tactile sensation, consumers can touch smooth, round and cool cans. On the hearing, they can feel open the familiar click when canning. In the case of similar beverages, the drinking experience brought by aluminum cans to consumers is real, multi-dimensional, and vivid. Who would resist such packaging?


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