Why Does Milk Filling and Packaging Matter?

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Raw milk is processed in the milk plants. They get this raw milk from the farmers into merchantable milk. However, the shelf life of processed milk is more as compared to merchantable milk. Every country has its own particular rules for milk production. Well, the major rules are almost the same.

Why does milk filling and packaging matter?

Milk is a liquid item, so it has to be moved in a container or bottle. This liquid can grab the germs and bacteria up to a great level in just a few seconds. So, the filling and packaging of milk are of great importance. Otherwise, it can become unhealthy in a short period. From the filling to the packaging, every step should be performed nicely. Moreover, top quality bottles like PET bottles should be used to keep the nutrients of the milk. 

In the 19th century, semi-automatic filling machines were used in the milk industry. The labors were needed to perform the remaining tasks. Today, the latest machines are present that are fully automatic. They trim down the cost of labors. The milk filling machine manufacturers have designed such machines that can perform filling and packaging of milk. These machines can protect the quality of milk to the maximum. 

bottle milk filling machine

PET bottles are mostly used for the milk filling. First of all, the milk filling machine rinses the bottles one by one to kill germs and bacteria. The water solution with ozone is injected into the thread and wall of the PET bottles. After that, these machines are turned upside down. These bottles are then rinsed with pure water. The clean bottles are then gripped properly from their necks and moved to the filling valve. The aseptic filling is done now. The milk is filled directly into the bottle. There is no need to insert some gas into the bottles to protect the flavor and quality of milk. The valves of filling work at constant pressure. It stops the leakage and frothing of milk. When the bottles are filled up to a certain level, then the valve shuts down automatically, and the bottle moves to the capping section.

The capping part of the machine places caps on each bottle proper and then move it to the small chamber. The UV lamps are used to sterilize the caps to eradicate all bacteria types. The sterile caps are placed and twisted on the bottles efficiently. Next, the bottles pass through to the labeling area through a conveyor. 

In the end, the shifted bottles are sensed by the sensor that assigns the label to every bottle. They are moved to the star where the label is positioned. The conveyor moves each labeled bottle to the packaging section. The machine collects a specific number of bottles and then places them in the cartons. These cartons are sealed to get ready for the supply and sales.

Final Words

In every milk plant, you will find an automatic milk filling machine. This machine does not only perform milk filling but packaging as well. It can overcome all hygiene-related problems.


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