8 Step to Start a Bottled Water Business

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The bottled water business deal with packed plastic bottles and this water can be distilled, natural spring water and purified water. The water bottle size varies in small to large sizes, and it also came into a cane. The bottled water business is one of the best businesses, which saves us from typhoid, cancer, obesity, and dehydration. It not only gives a healthy life, but it is a very beneficial business to earn a profit. If you are living in a populated country, then it is the best business for you. So if you want to start a business, there are a few steps that help you to begin a bottled water business. 

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1. Make a Plan

Making a solid plan is essential before starting any kind of business. Your plan helps you out determine the purpose of your water bottle business, target customers, market condition, estimated budget and desire goals for future. There are a few key aspects which you consider while making a plan. Such as executive summary, the cost for starting the business, water filling machine manufacturer, marketing and operation strategy. Moreover, you should determine a business name, location analysis, legal detail, and management staff.

2. Get a Business Bank Account

It is critical to keep a record of all the expenses without any business account. You should have detailed, accurate business accounts that clarify your annual taxes.

3. Attain the Business License And Permits

Getting the license of bottled water business will depend on the location of the country. That’s why find out the reliable quality insurance of your country to make a complete bottled water production lines. Such as the residence of the US needs the license of FDA, whereas Nigeria and Africa will get the license from NAFDAC. 

4. Look for a Bottle Supplier

It is essential to search for a reliable and suitable bottle manufacturing company which supplies you plastic bottles according to your desire. Before purchasing the bottles, the company must be part of an international bottled water association.

5. Find An Appropriate Location

To find a good location is also a very significant step for every bottled water company. The area should be hygienic and clean, should be near to the market; you have the availability of road and availability of water.

6. Invest in Essential Equipment

If you are going to start a bottled water business, then you have to invest in some of the necessary water bottling machines or equipment. Such as you should have storage tanks, generator setup, filling machines, filters, sealers, conveyors as well as water dispensers, water sterilizers, bottle loaders and trucks for the distribution of bottles.

7. Hire Staff

It is not an easy business that can be done without the help of the employees. You will need trained and professional staff for the development of the business. 

8. Marketing

In this field there a lot of competitors who always work to make their company popular all over the world. That’s why it is essential to utilize the right kind of creative and innovative marketing strategies that help you to develop your business.


These tips will help you a lot to stand a reputed and new bottled water business. Make sure that you are following all the essential rules and regulations to get licensed. 


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