What You Should Know About Self Adhesive And Rotary Labelling Machine

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When it comes to the packaging and branding of products and services, the labelling machine seems to be one important piece of industrial equipment, which many entrepreneurs cherish so much.

The reason for this isn’t far-fetched. Using the right and an adequate product label gives your product a unique look that differentiates it from competitors and even the rest in the market place.

Well, the big question that may be running through your thoughts at this moment would likely be: how do I know the right labelling machine that will give my product the best packaging and branding outfit?


Well, before you get worried about that, here is a good advice for you. always ensure that you team up with a renowned and reliable brand for the best labelling machine that will stand the test of time.

This, you can tell will save you from the stress of buying replacement parts or even investing in new labelling machines within a short period of time.

With that being said, let’s explore more about the different types of labelling machine in the market place.


Types and designs of labelling machine

Just as there are various brands in the market place, labeling machines come in different forms and types, and each type is specifically designed to matched the test and desire of each individual. But in most cases, below are some of the most popular types and designs of labelling machine currently flooding the market place;

1. Self-adhesive labelling machine

2. Cold glue labelling machine

3. Hot melt labelling machine

4. Multi-function labelling machine

5. Modular rotary labelling machines


For each of these types and design of labelling machines considered above, one uniting factor amongst them is the fact that they are high performance labelling machines, which can give an output performance of about 1000-24,000 bottles per hour.


Moving slightly away from the various designs and types of labelling machines, let’s take a closer look at the outstanding features of the rotary sticker labelling machine and rotary self-adhesive labelling machine, which seems to be the most sought after of all these types of labelling machine.

 labeling machine


Both the rotary sticker and self-adhesive labelling machines can work at an average speed of about 24,000bph, with a high quality labelling and accurate finishing.


Major application

These types of labelling machines are usually regarded as a multipurpose labelling machine since they service a wide range of industries. Top on the list of industries where these two labelling machines are employed include but not limited to the following;

a. Technology industries

b. Food industries

c. Cosmetics industries

d. Pharmaceutical industries

e. Detergent industries

Also outstanding about the application of these labellng machines is the fact that they can be used for labelling different kinds and types of containers such as; bottles, tanks, glasses, vials, and cans of cylindrical, rectangular, square, shapes, flasks and shaped containers.



The operational design of these labelling machines makes them very comfortable to use since they are designed with a numeric keypad VTM 24 with a motorized carrousel lifting together with a visual illustration of the end of label reel, with an acoustic alarm.

With this, the operator can be rest assured of being notified by the machine whenever each label reel is being exhausted.


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