How to Choose The Right Shrink Wrapping Machine

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Shrink wrapping is an excellent packaging option for companies across many different industries. Many companies choose shrink wrapping for packaging for a variety of reasons. This post will examine common reasons companies choose shrink wrap packaging and look at the recommended shrink wrap machine for different applications.


Let's begin with a list of common reasons companies choose shrink wrap packaging.



New companies often prefer shrink wrapping because the start-up costs are substantially less than many other forms of packaging. Low start-up costs allow new companies to focus capital on other areas of the business.

Existing companies rolling out a new product often choose shrink wrap packaging because of low start-up costs. Another common reason existing companies choose shrink wrap packaging is to lower overall packaging costs on existing product lines.


Professional Look

Another excellent advantage to shrink wrapping is the professional look obtained once wrapped. For minimal costs, start-up companies and existing companies can offer professional looking packaging for pennies per product.



The ability to display the product on the shelf is another excellent advantage to shrink wrap. Companies can display edible and non-edible products while on the shelf.



Shrink wrapping with the proper machines to meet production levels can be a very efficient packaging method. Companies can package anywhere from a few products per day up to thousands of products per day with the proper machine.

The list above was a brief description of the reasons companies use shrink packaging to wrap products. The purpose of this post is to help companies determine the best shrink wrap machine for specific needs. A couple of questions should be addressed to determine what type of machine is recommended.

 PE Film Wrapping Machine

5 Questions to Ask Before Purchasing a Shrink Wrapper


1. What Do You Want to Shrink Wrap?

There are many types of shrink wrap film that are suited for specific types of applications. Shrink wrap films should be considered when shopping for a shrink wrapper system to ensure no shrink film issues arise later.


2. How Fast Do You Want Your Shrink Wrapper to Operate?

Shrink wrapping systems vary widely in the packaging speed and knowing your production volumes and wrapping output needs will allow you to compare systems. For example some shrink wrappers pack several products an hour while others pack 35 products per minute and more.


Once volume levels are determined, degree of automation can be considered as well, choices are: manual shrink wrappers, semi-automatic shrink wrappers or fully automatic shrink wrapper systems.


3. Is the Shrink Wrapper to be Integrated Into an Automated Packaging Production Line?

Not all shrink wrap systems are suited for integrated packaging operations and add on systems like conveyors will need to be carefully selected for flexibility and suitability for the packaging processes involved.


4. How Big is the Package you are Shrink Wrapping?

Like most things, shrink wrap systems, machines and applicators come in different sizes. If your packaging units are large, likely your shrink wrap system will be too.


5. Do You Have Workplace Limitations?

Shrink wrap machines come in different sizes and mobility. For example if you have small space, small items to package and need the system to move as your workplace demands, you may want to consider a compact straight L-Bar Sealer as your shrink wrap system of choice.


Choosing one for your business

Whether you occasionally need to wrap card packs for clients, or could use a high-volume production machine, shrink wrapping makes a lot of sense for a whole host of applications. Choosing the right solution for your business comes down to volume and cost. You can enter the market with a manual shrink wrap machine for as low as a few hundred dollars.


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