Three Common Problems In Bottle Blowing Machine

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A bottle blowing machine involves a blow molding process by which muffled plastic parts are designed. It copies its process standard from glassblowing. In recent years, blow extrusion has been confirmed with amorphous metals, which are also referred to as BMGs (bulk metallic glasses). It operates under temperature and pressure equivalent to plastic blowing molding.


It is a low-pressure procedure with a distinctive blow vacuum pump around 25 to 150 psi. It is designed to meet the need and demands for plastic bottles or containers. Some problems arise during the running of this machine, and these include uneven wall thickness and haze.

 bottle blowing machine

Due to the crucial nature of these issues, you need to deal with the problem on daily basis for the smooth operation of your factory.


However, when buying a bottle blowing machine, it is importance you consult a professional manufacturer for optimal satisfaction.


This article focused on 3 common problems experience when running your blow molder. We will take you through cause, solutions for a smooth operation of the machine.


Inadequate top-load strength

Top load strength has converted to a much more crucial factor as container weights are steadily decreased to salvage on resin use and expense. This factor is commonly measured on empty containers in a well-calibrated instrument with adjustable speed.


The weighed value is then matched with the static load to describe dynamic loads while a truck goes over a smash, and the entire load is fast-tracked up and down.


Growing static load by 2, 3 or 4 is not a very technical technique, and some industries have measured the actual load in a stirring truck which is sometimes generated astonishing results.


Top load quality relies almost solely on the hedge thickness and container design. Containers breakdown at the fragile part of the bottle, which should be it shoulder, body, or bottom. Operator must be familiar with where the bottle failed so that more feedstock can be moved into this area.


Rocker Bottom

All containers have what is commonly called a push-up. The center of the base curves inner to several degrees.


This is designed to allow the bottles to sit on the surface rim of the base or, in the case of containers for carbonated beverages, on feet, normally five.


This epicenter push-up will constantly shrink superficial to more or less degree. You know it is very hot after molding, the center shot out so much that it begins to swell further than the limits of the outside brim, and the container “rocks or share” instead of standing upright.


Sometimes it transpires that leftover air compression inside the container pushes the focal point of the bottom out as soon as the mold opens. Although this is a rare exist. The shrinking out problem is controlled by blowing cool air on the bottoms of the containers after molding. Alternatively, the processor should control heat on the bottom or by increasing the cooling period.

 bottle blowing machine

Whitening of the Container and Haze

Whitening of the bottles or stress-whitening is also known as pearlescence. It occurs when the PET is overstressed, the microstructure can break up, and the resulting wall displays several small white spots hence linking to “pearls”.


Overstressing is a function of both barrier temperature and thickness that is a thin barrier at a temperature glowing over the transition point may accomplish perfectly, while a thicker but colder barrier may show stress-whitening.


Stress-whitening transpires on the inner of the container as a result of the insider of the activity has to expanse so much. Having a simple understanding makes it easier to solve the problem.


If the area affected is very thin, it needs to be cooled down, while the base should be heated to melts more materials into the whitish part of the bottle.


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