Production Outline For Soft Drinks Through Carbonated Soft Drink (CSD) Filling Machine

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Soft drinks are drinks other than water or liquid refreshment made from water with sweeteners or sugar. Usually, they contain carbon (iv) oxide.


If liquid refreshment does not have any carbon (iv) oxide in it, it is referred to as a "still or flat" drink but not a soft drink. Flavorings, plant or fruit juice, edible plants or fruits, and acid are ingredients of soft drinks. Mineral water is a collection of soft drinks.


The term ‘soft’ also relates to "value-added products" like energy drinks because they shared the same production process. The global market growth of liquid refreshment is based on where it has strong demand.

 carbonated soft drink (CSD) filling machine

The increase in the number of “light” liquid refreshment is due to the addition of sweeteners. Thus, sugar replacement in the carbonated soft drink is of great value to consumers in the sense that it lowers their calorie intake. However, a quality carbonated soft drink (CSD) filling machine from a trusted packaging equipment manufacturer will be of great value to your production line.


This brief outline centers on the production process of soft drinks, and syrup preparation to packaging.

Production Process of CSD

The production of liquid refreshment mostly consists of a reservoir which is a storage tower for the raw materials storage such as coloring, flavoring agents, sugar or sweeteners), a treatment unit for water, and a mixer. The carbonated soft drink (CSD) filling machine consist of a pasteurizer or ultra-high temperature processing, a system for carbon (iv) oxide introduction, and the filling line proper.

Soft Drinks Ingredients

CSD predominantly comprises water. This is because of the feasibility of a chemical reaction between soft drink ingredients and water. Also, it is easy to become softer and screen the water from bacteria. It is important to note, water to be used for the production should be free of organic carbon which will prevent further growth of microorganisms. Else immediately sugar is added, microbial growth will be multiplied.


All thanks to the invention of carbonated soft drink (CSD) filling machine which has made the hitches of handling microbial growth in the water when sugar has added a thing of the past.


Other ingredients of carbonated soft drinks include sugar which can be delivered in liquid (Syrup form) or granule form. The flavor is determined by a ratio of sour to sweet.

 carbonated soft drink (CSD) filling machine

Because of this, in adding to sugar or sweeteners, acid is introduced to the product often. Other ingredients are citric acid and phosphoric acid which may be used in the production of cola.

Syrup Preparation

The syrup is consists of water, acid, sugar, coloring, and flavoring agents which is the basis of soft drinks. The syrup is make ready by dissolving these materials into the water to 65°Brix.


You can dissolve sugar in the following two ways:

· Warm: the granule is dissolved at 70 to 80°C, filter, and cool to 15°C.

· Cold: the granule is dissolved by rigorous stirring in cold H2O, screen, and pasteurized.


During production, sugar is introduced with a flow meter. The flow meter help in measuring the density of the sugar content directly. The mass flow meter is a degree of the sugar value (Brix).


The Brix level denotes the proportion weight of sugar in the beverage. After a successful preparation of sugar syrup, its storage tank should be isolated well to avoid condensation dwindling on the syrup. This will allow spores that are existing in the sugar syrup to mature into living and dispose of microorganisms.


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