Routine maintenance of automatic sleeve labeling machine

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China automatic sleeve labeling machine is used in food, beverage, juices, milk, injection needles, condiments, pharmaceuticals, and refined oil. Its excellent high-speed security functions, conventional flexible planning, and the safety form of man-machine concord gradually entered the market. With time, it occupied a prominent position.

How to strengthen the maintenance of the equipment?

To strengthen the maintenance of the equipment, you have to follow the principle of prevention first. It includes proper maintenance with scheme overhaul. In this way, the machine continues to adhere to the right conditions to ensure long-term, safe, and stable operation. The rules are as follows:

Operating Requirement

The China automatic sleeve labeling machine's operating environment has to be good. The room temperature is good enough for this machine. It is not easy to use the machine in high temperatures, humid, acidic, and alkaline environments. It is essential to focus on the efficiency and accuracy of the equipment to avoid affecting the service life.

Precautions for Cleaning

There is no need to use cleaning tools. Otherwise, they may damage the looks of the equipment. Not just that, you should not use the acidic solvents and corrosive plastic utensils. They may also affect the quality of the machine.

automatic sleeve labeling machine

Routine maintenance of automatic sleeve labeling machine

Operators must carry out daily inspections before, during, and after the equipment is used. Only in case there is an abnormal reaction to the maintenance of the skilled personnel for maintenance. Routine maintenance should be performed as follows:

• After the daily machine operation, first, disconnect the power supply, wipe the machine appearance, the work table, and other parts.

• The equipment needs to ensure the use of matching power supply voltage before it can be placed into regular production.

• Check the tightness of all bolt connections on time. If looseness is present, then tighten it in time.

• Check the chain and other working parts of the equipment. In case there is any problem, it should be removed in time.

• You have to do the oiling on time and add oil or butter on time for each gear meshing surface to make it smooth.

• The operation of each positioning and testing equipment should be free of misalignment. If necessary, adjust from scratch.

• Check for looseness and drop of each gas path and joint.

• See if each belt is slipping.

• After 10 hours of continuous operation, it is important to shut down the machine for half an hour. You have to perform this task daily to reduce equipment loss and extend equipment life.

• On holidays or when the equipment is not in use, you need to clean the machine, remove oil, and perform smooth maintenance.

• Producers should reasonably arrange production tasks based on equipment functions, skill conditions, processing scale, and load capabilities.

• Do not overload or scale the equipment.

• Do not fight for equipment in one-sided pursuit of output value; the repair is not repaired or preempts equipment maintenance time.

• It is imperative to pay attention to the minor problems so that they do not become huge.

Final Words

If you are maintaining the device regularly, still the machine has issues, then you have to contact the sleeve labeling machine manufacturer. They will be able to handle the issues of your equipment.


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