Beverage packaging shrink sleeve labeling machine solution

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Shrink sleeves are often used in beverage packaging because they can easily attach to specially shaped objects and provide a 360-degree coverage that maximizes imprinting. The high speed shrink sleeve labeling machine can attach labels to various bottles and cans that pass quickly along the conveyor belt.


Due to the low cost of shrinkage materials, and this kind of labels can bring a strong visual effect, shrinkage sleeve marking machine is very popular in recent years. The circular contraction sleeve has the opportunity to visually capture a 360° pattern throughout the container. This is important because it increases shelf visibility and is more durable than other labels.


Shrinkage sleeve marking machine


Shrinkage sleeve marking machine is a crucial link in the beverage filling line, because it can be seen from now on that frequent conversion has a high risk of interference or slowing down the production speed, and must operate normally in a fast-paced environment. 

The introduction of shrink sleeve marking machines into the beverage industry presents some unique challenges .Most beverage lines operate at very high speeds to maximize productivity and withstand frequent high-pressure rinses.


This environment requires an automated solution that is responsive and made of solid materials that can withstand water washing. Because beverage containers often use a variety of sleeve labels, the solution also needs to have an incredible variety of capabilities. 



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