Maintenance of the can filling line: What to consider.

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In the can filling process, the beverage which is the main product, is automatically introduced into the bottles.

Here, we’d look at the various aspects you should pay attention to as a buyer. We also provide you with solutions to some issues.

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- Possible dangers associated with the can filling line and process:

When it comes to the can filling machine and the associated beverage filling process, the main danger will consist of contamination of the beverage from environmental pollutants which could be microorganisms or even dust. Another aspect could be the poor storage by operators. Also, incorrect cleaning and disinfection of the can filling machine can incorporate toxic materials into the beverage product.

can filling line

- Preventive measures: what follows should be thorough disinfection and cleaning programs which aims to prevent the equipment from possible contamination. Adequate environmental hygiene of the filling hall and correct handling of the can filling line and hygiene by the operators should also be ensured.


- Critical limit: It should be marked by the good maintenance conditions of the can filling machine and the cleaning and disinfection program. Operators will ensure adequate personal hygiene and good handling practices.


- Surveillance: The filling operation, the state of the filling machine and the hygiene and way of operating of the workers in charge of said operation will be inspected visually. The correct execution of the planned cleaning and disinfection program will also be monitored.


- Correct Measures: If the filling has been inadequate, it will be refilled, replacing the containers already used, if necessary. Sanitary hygienic conditions should also be improved for optimal filling development. If necessary, the cleaning and disinfection program should be reviewed and corrected. Operators will be adequately trained in the tasks assigned.


- Records: To ensure preventive maintenance of equipment and cleaning and disinfection programs, the training courses attended by the operators and the corrective measures applied should be recorded.


Another important aspect of can filling line is the filling level of the cans, because on the one hand they must be filled in accordance with what is specified on their labeling, and on the other hand it is advisable to always leave a certain empty space, to allow the expansion and contraction of the can and liquid produced by changes in temperature, thus avoiding the appearance of pressure differences, which can seriously affect the closure of the cans. For this reason, depending on the capacity of the can, a filling level is recommended depending on the temperature of the liquid.

 can filling line

We need to pay attention to the temperature of the filling process. When the temperature of a canned liquid rises, an expansion occurs, which raises the filling level and therefore the pressure inside the can.


When beverages are canned by means of a heating process for their biological stabilization, this aspect must be taken into account, since leveling the cans incorrectly can cause a serious problem in the quality of the final product.

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