PET aseptic cold filling process helps ensure food safety

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When it comes to "cost saving, improving market competitiveness, reducing nutrition loss, and maintaining the original flavor of beverage products", what would you think of as an insider in the beverage industry?


According to the food safety engineer who specializes in the development of food safety assurance scheme, adopting the advanced pet aseptic cold filling process can effectively kill the microorganisms in the production process, improve the health and safety quality of vegetable protein beverage, and maintain the original good flavor and nutritional value of beverage food.


PET aseptic cold filling process

Among many nutritious and healthy beverage products, vegetable protein beverage is a big category. Vegetable protein beverage is a kind of healthy beverage with great development prospect, which has the characteristics of fresh and unique taste, rich nutrition, medicine and food. It is more and more popular among many consumers. However, if the production process is not properly controlled, the vegetable protein beverage is prone to corruption caused by the total number of colonies exceeding the standard.

In recent years, as coffee and vegetable protein drinks are more and more popular with consumers, the types of consumption are also diverse. today. The hot filling process has gradually failed to meet the production requirements. In the future, with the development of beverage to green, nutrition and health care, aseptic cold filling technology will gradually become the main production mode of juice, tea and protein drinks.


The key of pet aseptic cold filling process lies in the correct realization of product sterilization and aseptic treatment of filling equipment, filling environment, empty bottle, bottle cap, etc. The whole filling process is operated in the sterile warehouse, which means that there is almost no microorganism in the production environment. Therefore, the whole process and all equipment, articles and spaces contacting the product are strictly sterilized.


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