Our New Plant to Maintain Quality

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As our determination continues to remain unshaken in our commitment to produce machines of the best quality, so is our bond of business affiliation stretching far and wide to various countries of the world.  This is evident in our recent shipping of a new plant from our factory on Saturday.


fillex new factory

At Fillex we are widely recognized for the manufacturing of many life transforming products such as mineral water filling machine, hot juice filling machine, bottle water filling machine etc. In fact, Fillex machines as taken the global market by storm.


More importantly, reason for this is the high demands of their machines by advance countries such as United State, Canada, Ghana, Russia, South Africa and Pakistan to mention few.

Also, the mineral water filling machine is well recognized because of it level of proficiency. We have great team that is not relaxed by our latest achievement in bringing comfort to the people but seek to do more by looking into way to upgrade our machines and making it better and productive.


The performance of our machines is due to our high level of IQ and regular upgrading of our product. The mineral water filling machine is one of the most products sought after and this is as a result of the high performance of the machine.


More so, our mineral water filling machine, hot juice filling machine etc has consistent and reliable fills, high speed in performance, it is versatile and it has ease of use. Fillex has become the best hot juice filling machine suppliers and our bottle water filling machine sale is great.


The machine comes with instructions on how to use and preserve it. And our  great team is readily available to give instruction on the use of our products. Mineral water filling machine has the capacity to produce carbonated beverages that is free of bacterial and microorganism.


fillex new factory

The following are some of the qualities that make Fillex products outstanding in the global market.


One of the benefits of using mineral water filling machine is the ability to increase speeds. It becomes unrealistic to hire human labour to complete each bottle fill when product reaches certain level. Using power conveyor and multiple fill heads along with the proper filling principle allows product to not only run faster but run constantly.


Ease of Use

Our entire automatic filling machine comes equipped with a PLC and easy to use operator interface. There are instructions and guides on how to use the machine, each of the button functions are well explained.


Consistent and reliable fills

the use of automatic fillers removes the uncertainty from the filling process. When seeking for a level fill, a highly accurate volumetric fill or using some other specific criteria, mineral water filling machine ensures that each cycles is completed in the same manner.


Consistency and reliability cannot be achieve by hand filling bottle or containers is easily has with the right machine such as Fillex manufactures.



Most companies’ uses multiple bottles for a single product; some companies also run multiple products.


In most cases single liquid filler is manufacture to handle all bottle and products packaged by a company.


Grow the potential

Mineral water filling machine is manufacture with the future in mind. The machine is not manufactured to only meet immediate maximum capacity, at Fillex will build our machine expecting our customers to experience growth.


Simple addition to our filling machine such as extra fill heads allows the machine grow with the business.


In Need of Some Mineral Water Filling Machine?

In case you have a production need for mineral water filling machine sourcing mineral water filling machine from an experienced, reputable and renowned manufacturers such as Fillex is the best way to serve people right with good, nourishing and refreshing water and drinks.

Kindly contact us today for more information about our products and purchasing protocols.



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