How to Choose A Blow Molding Machine

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A blow molding machine is an essential part of the manufacturing process in the plastic industry. If you want to work in the plastic molding industry, you need to have the best machines for it. Some great technologically advanced machines have made the task of melting plastic and turning it into a whole new product with different designs and colors easy.


The task of buying a blow molding machine for your plastic product production is not easy. But with this guide, it will become a smooth one. Below we have mentioned some of the necessary factors you need to consider while buying the right blow molding machine for you.

 blow moulding machine

Mould Size
The most important spec is the mould size of the machine. The range of product you want to produce should be matching the model. For this refer the maximum mould size mentioned in the machine specification chart.



The production capacity is an important factor for blow molding machines. Customers have to choose machines which have a capacity which matches according to their production capacity. After selecting the machine, the machine should have 25 percent more capacity and with this is how a business grows.



In today’s market, the different types of machines come with the latest features with more automation. The automation saves more money and time in business. Whatever the automation machine used wired relay logic or a PLC control, this makes the production smooth. Also, with this, the blow molding machine manufacturers show different operations of a machine. Manufacturers help customers to understand which type of automation is beneficial for their business.


blow moulding machine


The demonstration of a machine makes easy to choose from different blow molding machines. The well-known manufacturer arranges this with in-person or online. Also, if the customer is near to the manufacturing facility, they can visit the company and see the production and how the machine works. Or a representative of the company explains the machine and gives a demonstration through the internet. If there is an explainer video of the machine that how it works from start to end has higher chances of converting the inquiry into order.


Quality of the machine

Quality of the machine is a relative subject. Normally the cost of the machine will vary proportionally with the quality of the machine. Quality itself is in two sections – machine built quality & product (container) quality. The product quality depends on your end user. The machine built quality affects the maintenance cost and breakdown cost of the plant.


Buy from a Reliable Manufacturer

When you are planning to buy a blow molding machine, you need to make sure that you are buying it from a reputed and reliable seller. For the successful completion of a job, you should always look forward to buying a high-quality machine that will last for a long time and will give you the best results just according to your expectations.


You may find the most high-quality machines are expensive at first, but eventually, you are going to realize that it was worth an investment when you are going to get high returns because of that machine. A good quality machine will also seek less maintenance, which will help you save a lot of time and money. Also, it is going to offer optimum production under ideal conditions.


If you don’t know any reliable seller, you can look for them online and go through the ratings and feedback that they have got. Select the one having the best rating and positive reviews. You can even ask those who are already working in this industry to help you in finding the right seller in China or any other country. If you are interested, you can contact Fillex for a blow molding machine.






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