Filling Machine for small bottles

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Vial filling machine is applicable to a variety of mineral water, purified water, alcohol and other food industries. Small bottle filling machine is one of the major equipment of the pure water production, which is based on advanced foreign technology. It was invented according to pure water and other beverages filling technology.  

The working principle of bottle water filling machine is that the bottle is conveyed through the wind tunnel and then sent to the three-in-one machine through the dial star wheel. The bottle holder is mounted on the rotary table, The bottle holder holds the bottle mouth to turn 180 ° along the guide rail, so that makes the bottle down. In the specific area of the bottle washing machine, the bottle is sprayed with bottled water, and the inner wall of the bottle is washed. The bottle flipped 180° along the guide rail under the clamp after rinsed and drained, then made the bottle up.

bottle water filling line

The cleaned bottles are transferred to the filling machine by a bottle-shaped starwheel. The bottle entering the filling machine is caught by the bottleneck plate and lifted by the cam, and then the top of the bottle open the filling valve. Filling used the way of gravity filling. After the filling valve is opened, the material is filled through the filling valve. After the filling, the bottle is lowered and left the filling valve. The bottle enters the capping machine through the bottleneck transition wheel.

The capper on the capping machine locks the bottleneck keeps the bottle upright and prevents rotation. Capping head in the capping machine to maintain revolution and rotation, under the action of the cam achieve holding cover, trap cap, screw cap, separate cap action to complete the cover process. The finished bottle is conveyed from the capping machine to the delivery chain on the bottle through the bottle dial wheel, and the three-in-one machine is transported by the conveying chain.


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