FILLEX Water Filling Machine Got Highly Recognized by Customer on CCTV-7

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Baishou Mineral Water in Liping, Guizhou Province has been reported on CCTV-7 recently. The channel introduced Baishou Mineral Water Company in detail from the aspects of the water source, manufacturing, company culture, etc. 

As a national professional TV media for agricultural communication, CCTV-Agricultural Channel always adheres to the tenet of serving agriculture, rural areas and farmers, and communicating urban and rural areas. It is committed to "focusing on the interests of farmers and promoting the three rural areas" and to satisfy the audience, especially the vast number of farmers. 

CCTV gave high comments on Baishou Mineral Water Company. Meanwhile, FILLEX 18000bph water filling machine was mass put into bottle water filling in the production process. Baishou Mineral Water Company is satisfied with FILLEX bottle water filling machines, which benefit their production a lot and improve production efficiency.


Evaluation form CCTV-7 on this project: stable machine operation, high production efficiency, high quality of bottled water production and improved customer's production competitiveness.

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Guizhou Liping Baishoushan Spring, the water source ecological environment is good, the water source is in the forest from the forest, no industrial pollution, the natural environment is very ideal. It is this natural ecological environment that gives the high-quality natural spring water resources of Baishou Mountain.


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During the years since the establishment of our company, our products are sold to domestic provinces and cities, also to many other countries like the United States, Canada, Ghana, Peru, Russia, South Africa, Vietnam, Philippines, Pakistan, Malaysia and so on.


We provide them with solutions for blow molding machines, water treatment, juice processing systems, filling and packaging solutions. They are mainly for liquids such as pure water, fruit drinks, carbonated beverages, beer, condiments, cosmetics and so on.

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