Fillex – Filling Your Ideas With Our Professional Team

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FILLEX was established in 2006, possessed with 10000 square meters standard workshop and more than 60 professional workers. FILLEX has adhered to our long-term concept of "Packing Ideas".

We have a professional and hard-working team which is our core competitive strength. FILLEX was established 13 years ago and most of them were in our company since the establishment of our company. They were from the famous filling machine industry before joining us. With more than 13 years’ experience, we have reason to believe that our team can provide the best products and best service customers and filling your dreams.

Fillex Packer VS New Crown Machinery

Our team is hard-working and we are a family while facing difficulties. We always try our best to encourage each other and solve problems for our customers. With all the old staff, FILLEX has the confidence to overcome all the difficulties in the future.

Nowadays, many companies in our industry established but most of them don’t have so many experienced staff like us. Their staff is not able to contribute to their company like our staff because our company is not only just a working place but also a sweet home for them. We gather together just for better work and better service.

FILLEX has participated in many exhibitions since 2018. Compared with other companies, we attended international companies much more frequently. We tried our best to make more international friends know about our companies.

Fillex Packer VS New Crown Machinery

During the exhibition time, our sales workers and engineers answered customers’ questions in detail. They were quite familiar with our companies’ advantages and technology than other companies’ workers so that our customers trust us so much. Frequently appearing in exhibitions, more and more international companies and customers get to know about us and established a partnership with us.


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