Blow Moulding: The Impeccable Production Of Plastic Items

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Blow molding products are found around us as we are exposed to it daily. The water or drink that we take is inside a plastic bottle, which was blow molded.


Blow molding is a molding procedure used in the manufacturing industry to produce hollow plastic items.


The process involves heating of plastic tube till it becomes a hot plastic, termed – Parison, and then the parison is placed into the mold cavity.


Compressed air is afterward used to inflate the melted plastic to take the shape of the mold, but the inner part is usually hollowed.


The quantity of plastic used, in addition to the air pressure exerted, determines how thick the plastic product will be.


The technology and invention of blow molding originate from the glassblowing industry; and plastics are a contender when it comes to disposable and recyclable bottles in today’s market.


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The History/Advancement of Blow Molding

Blow molding originates from glass blowing, where a craftsman heats the glass to its melting point and afterward blows it via a tube to expand the glass.


This method has been around as far back as the 1800s. The patent gotten from that period shows the process utilizes the celluloid polymer.


This early technique was not suitable for bulk production. Then in the 1930s, there was a development in the commercial machines to make blow-molded bottles.


This development also made bulk production possible, but the available materials were too frail, took time to produce and to effectively apply the process to create large quantities.


Blow molding improved into industrial commonness with the invention of low and high-density polyethylene. This modernized a lot of industries with the inclusion of the automotive industry.


Types of Blow Moulding

There are three types of blow molding, and their difference lies in the formation of the parison, the parison size, and movement of the parison between the molds.


1. Extrusion Blow Moulding (EBM)

o Extrusion of Parison

o Blowing

o Cooling

o Ejection


2. Injection Blow Systems (IBS)

o Injection

o Blowing

o Ejection


3. Injection Stretch Blow Molding (ISBM)

o Injection

o Stretching

o Blowing

o Ejection


Blow Moulded Products

Blow molding is significant in an industrial process for manufacturing hollow plastic products with thin walls. These plastic products are obtainable in different sizes and shapes.


The products of blow molding are:


§ Watering Cans

§ Shampoo Bottles

§ Coolers

§ Soda Bottles

§ Trays

§ Toys and Sporting Goods

§ Containers

§ Stadium Seating

§ Fan Housing

§ Construction Barrels and Barriers, etc.


Therefore, the only technique that proffers a swift and effective solution to manufacturing companies for the production of a hollow plastic is Blow Molding.


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