Stable And Reliable Inverted Bottle Sterilizer for Juice Production Line Stable And Reliable Inverted Bottle Sterilizer for Juice Production Line

The automatic bottle unscrambler is a supporting equipment for soft drink filling, which is used to transport the disorderly PET bottles to the production line in a neat arrangement. To improve production efficiency. The rotating drum and the part in contact with the bottle are made of high-quality stainless steel. The frame part is welded with high-quality carbon steel, and the surface is rust-proofed and sprayed. Some imported parts are used for electrical and pneumatic systems, with low equipment failure rate and high stability.

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Product Description

The bottle inverting sterilizer is a special supporting equipment developed by ourselves according to the technological characteristics of the high-temperature filling production line. This equipment tilts the product after filling and capping, and uses the high temperature of the product itself to perform a second time on the bottle cap within a certain period of time. Sterilize to ensure product quality. The product is guided by two mutually perpendicular chain plates during the conveying process, which implements automatic bottle pouring, delayed sterilization, and automatic erection. The whole process is stable and reliable.

Technical Parameter

Working principle of inverted bottle sterilizer

     After filling and capping, the bottle enters the inverted bottle sterilizer through the bottle conveying chain, and the rubber tube on the bottle body reversing chain, the bottle reversing guide rod, and the bottle conveying chain work together to make the bottle turn 90 degrees flat and turn over. On the chain, at this time, the high-temperature material in the bottle fills the mouth of the bottle to sterilize the inner wall of the bottle cap, and then the bottle automatically stands upright and is sent to the next process by the bottle conveyor belt.

     Applicable scope of inverted bottle sterilizer

     It is suitable for sterilizing the unsterilized or high-temperature processed parts of the bottle mouth and the inner wall of the bottle cap after hot filling of juice, tea and other beverages packaged in PET polyester bottles.

Product features of inverted bottle sterilizer

     1. The machine is made of SUS304 stainless steel, with simple and concise structure, beautiful appearance and easy operation.

     2. The machine adopts imported transmission chain, double chain synchronous drive, the chain is a stainless steel plastic steel twistable chain, the surface of the large chain is equipped with temperature-resistant rubber heads, and they keep rotating each other, stable and reliable, no damage to the bottle body, and no transmission speed Level adjustment.

     3. The inverted bottle sterilization system mainly completes the whole process through the conveyor chain system, the bottle body reversal chain system, the rack, and the bottle inverted rod, without any pollution to the bottle, frequency control, and the conveyor chain speed can be adjusted, the whole process is safe and reliable.

4. The inverted bottle sterilization system realizes automatic inversion sterilization and self-reset. The filled beverage is automatically inverted by 90 degrees, and the bottle cap and the inner wall of the bottle are sterilized again by the high temperature of the canned beverage. After the completion of the bottle, the bottle is automatically placed. There is no need to add any heat source to achieve the purpose of energy saving.

     5. The length of the inverted bottle sterilization system is calculated according to the filling output required by the customer per hour. The sterilization time is 15-40 seconds for users to choose, and the conveyor chain speed can be adjusted.

     6. The inverted bottle sterilization system is generally used in conjunction with spray cooling equipment. After the inverted bottle is sterilized, the spray cooling equipment is connected through the conveyor belt to spray and cool the bottles to complete the entire sterilization and cooling process, ensuring the juice filling effect.


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Q1: Are you a trading company or a manufacturer?

A1: We have our own factory for many years, can give u best service.

Q2: What's your guarantee if we buy your machines?

A2: We offer you high-quality machines with a 1-year guarantee and free spare parts for 1 year. Meanwhile, our engineers have rich experience and have gone to more than 50 countries for installation and commissioning.

Q3: When can I get my machine after I paid?

A3: We will deliver the machines on time as the date we agreed on both sides.

Q4: How can I install my machine when it arrives?

A4: Our engineer will go to your side as soon as you get your machines ready for testing and teaching your technicians how to run the machines.

Q5: What's the delivery time?

A5: 30-45 days after the T/T deposit or L/C.

Q6: Do you provide customized service?

A6: We can design the machines according to your requirements (material, power, filling type, container and etc), at the same time we will give you professional suggestion by many years industrial experience.


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